My name is Kristi McDaniel. I am guessing you have arrived here because you are wanting to feel better!?

 You either:

  • need to work out sore muscles
  • de-stress (relax)
  • have pain
  • want to prepare yourself for an event or competition
  • improve your mobility 
  • improve your yoga practice

I welcome all here and I can help you (the rare few I can't-I have an amazing referral base.)

What makes me different than the many other massage therapists in this area?

Beings that I am also a yoga instructor and certified in yoga therapy means that I have a large base of knowledge about general movement patterns, range of motion, common physical patterns we often get stuck in, and about our nervous system (how to relax it and also how to calm it down if overly stressed or recovering from trauma.) I not work on the body through massage, but I also send you home with movements that allow the work I did to last long term.

My Training

I am trained in Thai bodywork and am NOW training in Sarga Bodywork (finish training November 2017). I also work off of a regular massage table and am willing to work with clients in whatever therapy they need to feel 100% comfortable. 

A little about me and then you can read more on my about page if you would like....

  • I went to my first yoga class in 2008 while I was getting my B.S. in animal science.
  • I was certified to instruct yoga in 2012.
  • I started my massage career in 2015.
  • Became certified in yoga therapy in 2016,
  • I have taken advanced training in:
    • Thai Massage
    • Sarga Bodywork (I use my feet to give deep pressure and myofasical change)
    • Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

What does all this mean? It means that I am a helper. I am here to build a plan, with you, to move you toward a healthier, happier you!

I work with all different kinds of clients and symptoms. Such as: sciatica, piriformis syndrome, shoulder injuries (or an issue with the shoulder that has the potential to become an injury), Sacro-Iliac joint pain, whiplash, car accidents, neck pain, ect.