My Life Has Been Full!

I have found myself in so many jobs/careers in my life. Each one having its time and enjoyment, but I was always seeking something else, something new.

I found Yoga for myself and wanted to keep it as my little secret, but quickly found that there was a reason I didn't want to share and that was because I was hiding. Hiding from being seen. I have suffered from what my body and my mind views as deep trauma, and along with that comes a rooted anxiety.

To most, I come across as a very calm individual, but put in front of something challenging or out of my comfort zone and my body has its own agenda of a foggy mind, a need to run, and a desire to hide. It has taken (and is still taking) me a lot of personal work to move toward my optimal health and to work with the my nervous system to be able to stand in front of large groups and to stand face to face with clients and know that I can help them through yoga and massage.

I show up everyday with a full heart and a deep intention to help others. One reason is so many others have helped me, but the main reason is that this is what I was meant to do. Helping others is my gift and I intend to share it with as many as I can.

Here’s a little timeline of my life!

  • Received my Bachelors degree in Animal Science- 2005 from Montana State.

  • Worked with cows and horses in the reproduction field (exciting stuff, but I didn't fall in love with it-not like massage and yoga)

  • 2004 was my first Yoga Class (ashtanga=hard) found a glimpse of calm and became interested

  • 2010 received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Vancouver Yoga Center (still didn't believe i could teach-told myself I didn't want to-lie)

  • 2011 in Yellowstone National Park for the summer. Yellowstone Lake has an amazing gym for employees. It was to good of a backdrop (the lake) to not try to teach. (nervous as hell.)

  • 2013 Now that I was teaching part-time I became really interested in why some bodies could do the poses and why some bodies couldn't move in the positions. Looked into how I could learn futher

  • 2014 signed up at East West massage school to learn massage. (learned so much more than just massage-it was amazing for my yoga teaching)

  • 2015 Certified in Yoga therapy at Vancouver Yoga Center (AMAZING)

  • 2015 Learned Thai massage (which also furthered my yoga teaching because now I know how to stretch people in an optimal way.)

  • 2016 trauma sensitive yoga. How yoga can calm the nervous system and allow individuals suffering from trauma and addiction to heal. (an extreme journey for myself and others-WOW!)

  • 2017 continued education in yoga therapy through Alexandria Crows 1 year course on how to prevent injuries in yoga (yes, it happens-don't be alarmed-education is key.)

  • 2017 aerial yoga massage through Sarga Bodywork. Basic and Advanced training.

  • 2017 started working with clients recovering from addiction and dealing with mental health issues.

  • 2018 became the executive director at Simply Yoga Movement and Wellness Center.

  • 2019 helped start Simply Yoga’s Mindful Me program bringing movement, breath work, and mindfulness into our Vancouver area schools. Helping children experiencing chronic stress and trauma learn techniques to find calm.